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Winter can be hard on your roof. The advent of spring is a good time to assess your roof for any damage caused by cold weather, heavy snow or ice. Scheduling a roof inspection with a Verona roofing contractor can help you identify and address problems like curling shingles or rusty flashing. An experienced roofing contractor will also inspect any ceilings inside your house that come into direct contact with your roof, as damp spots or mold there may indicate that your roof has developed small leaks that will need to be addressed right away.

Asphalt shingles are one of the most common materials used on residential roofs throughout the United States because they're a relatively inexpensive way to protect the wooden surface of roofs from the effects of weather. Granules embedded in the shingle surfaces protect the asphalt from the sun's UV rays and provide a certain amount of flame resistance. Over time, though, shingles shed granules, and this process may accelerate during the winter months. As they loose granules, asphalt shingles may begin to curl. Once shingles begin to curl up, they no longer adhere to the surface of the roof and will need to be replaced.

Many roofs are vented with pipes that expel the hot air generated by water heaters, HVAC equipment or kitchen exhaust fans.

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These pipes are typically fitted with metal coverings called flashing. Flashing can be made out of many different types of metal, including aluminum, lead and copper, but one of the most common flashing materials is galvanized steel, which can rust when cold air causes condensation to form on the outside of the heated pipe. If it's caught in time, this rust can be scraped away from flashing using sandpaper and a stiff wire brush. If flashing rust is allowed to build up, however, the roof area around the vented pipe can develop a leak.

Spring time is also a good time to check your gutter system so that you can ensure it's in good enough shape to handle any April showers. Your roof gutter is the open metal or vinyl trough that runs along the periphery of your roof. During winter, it can become clogged with muck, leaves, twigs and even wildlife nests. These need to be cleaned out or you risk damaging your roof, siding and foundations. Other potential trouble spots in your gutter system include the downspout cage, elbows and seams.

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