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When a roof begins to leak, it should never be ignored. Putting off making the needed repairs can result in major damage to the shingles, attic or important wooden structures of the home. It can also lead to mold growth inside the walls or insulation. Mold is hazardous to homeowners' health, so finding the source of the leak is essential. Unfortunately, leaks are not always visible. Sometimes, homeowners can hear water dripping from somewhere overhead while the visible signs of a leak go unnoticed.

Homeowners who suspect their roof is leaking can have a Verona roofing contractor evaluate the roof's structural integrity. Most companies will also inspect the roof's gutters since leaks can be caused by these structures' malfunction. This inspection is free, so identifying the leak and fixing it in a timely manner can prevent extensive water damage. However, leaks whose source cannot be found or leaks that have traveled sideways underneath the roofing shingles can cause a lot of damage before they are discovered.

Luckily, there are many signs a homeowner can watch for. Some of these signals are obvious like water stains on the ceiling, bubbling wallpaper, peeling paint or a musty smell in the attic.

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Faulty wiring that causes the power to switch off and on is also a signal that the roof might be leaking. If water has gotten inside the walls and the electrical wiring is wet, those wet wires can cause a fire. A skylight can also be the source of the problem.

Leaks on the roof are usually difficult to see from the ground. Additionally, homeowners are not trained in what to look for. It's a good idea to have an experienced professional examine the roof up close for signs of leaking. Sometimes, a leak results when the roof's flashing is cracked or slightly lifted. When water gets past a seam, it can ruin the roof deck underneath. If not repaired quickly, the roof can begin to sag.

Other problems might be caused by the seals around the dormers or chimneys. The roof's shingles could also be at fault. When shingles start to age, they wear out in spots and the asphalt granules begin to fall off. If the granules end up in the gutters or if the gutter experiences other types of damage, the gutter can't perform its function of directing water away from the roof's edge. The water will back up onto the roof. If this happens consistently, the dampness will cause the edge to deteriorate and the roof will begin to leak.

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