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Each spring and fall, many homeowners are in need of home maintenance services to protect their houses against damage caused by the weather. Although these maintenance tasks may be inconvenient or time consuming, they are essential to the home's safety, longevity and market value. These services can be provided by qualified Verona roofing experts who can ensure homeowners' comfort, reduce their utility expenses and extend the lifespan of important home systems such as their roofs.

Gutter cleaning is likely the most important home maintenance task a property owner should keep up to date with in the spring and fall. While cleaning out the gutters, homeowners should check for issues such as the buildup of asphalt granules. These particles can become loose and may fall off the shingles. A large amount of granules in the gutters can indicate that the structure is in need of a prompt roofing inspection. The granules can weigh down the gutters, causing them to fall loose from the roof's edge. Other debris that collects in rain gutters can include sticks, pine needles, leaves, acorns, toys and the remnants of bird or insect nests.

Another important type of home maintenance involves checking for loose materials around the roof.

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All flashing strips, vent covers, flue pipes, chimney bricks and shingles should be firmly attached. Any loose parts or damaged materials should be inspected by a qualified licensed roofer. Leaving loose or damaged materials on the roof allows water to penetrate into the wooden underlayment and supporting structures such as the beams and trusses. Eventually, waterlogged wood sags and fails, leading to the possibility of interior leaks or a roof collapse.

Homeowners who are unsure of the amount of insulation in their attics should check this during the autumn months of the year. If the attic area is difficult to access for homeowners, a professional roof inspection can determine the insulation's structural integrity. A poorly insulated attic facilitates the development of problems such as ice dams, which can cause a major leak in a short period of time. Inadequate attic insulation also results in a considerable amount of energy loss. The heated interior air can leak out through the upper level of the house, causing the home's furnace or heat pump to work overtime during the colder months of the year. Insulation is usually a one time investment that begins to pay off almost immediately due to decreased home heating costs. Insulation also keeps the home cooler in the summer, as the sun's rays are less capable of penetrating into the living spaces of the residence.

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