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Moss growing on a rooftop is a common occurrence in environments that are humid, shady and have a hard surface to which the plant can anchor itself. The rooftops of Wisconsin homes are a prime place for mosses to thrive. While many homeowners find moss growth to be an eyesore, it can also lead to problems with the roof decking and other roofing components. An inspection by a qualified Verona roofing service can help homeowners identify problematic moss, remove it from the shingles and prevent it from recurring.

Homes located in shady areas next to tall deciduous or evergreen trees are the most likely to experience moss growth. Asphalt shingles encourage mossy buildup more than clay tiles, metal sheeting or slate roofing systems because they offer a slightly acidic environment and a hard surface. Regular precipitation or high humidity levels are also necessary to maintain mold growth. When a homeowner wants to get rid of the moss, at least one of these growth requirements must be eliminated. While homeowners can't control the weather and may not want to get rid of beautiful shade trees, they can control the acidity level of the roof itself.

One way to discourage moss from growing on the roof is to treat the roof with a commercial solution created to retard plant growth.

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These products are best applied by experienced roofers with professional equipment, personal protective gear and experience with chemical usage. Using too much or the wrong type of solution could actually cause more damage to the shingles.

Another solution to reduce or eliminate moss growth is for roofers to install copper strips along the roof's peak. Each time it rains, a few molecules of copper are released from the metallic strips. The copper molecules are poisonous to plants and will kill existing moss colonies and prevent new ones from starting.

Some homeowners may prefer to avoid caustic chemicals and instead opt for organic solutions. Highly acidic natural products such as vinegar, lemon juice, orange juice or tomato juice can be applied to small spots of moss growth to kill it. Alternatively, strong bases such as baking soda, baking powder, salt and soap can be mixed with water and applied to the roof to kill moss.

Homeowners can also arrange for regular cleaning of their roofs and gutters. Decomposing pine needles or leaves creates an ideal environment for moss growth. Cleaning this debris away helps to keep the roof dry and unattractive to mosses.

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