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Verona Roofing: Article About Is Metal Roofing Worth The Cost?

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Asphalt roofing is the most common roofing type in the United States, but over the past few years, Verona roofing contractors have seen that another type of roof has been gradually gaining momentum: metal. Metal's growth in popularity as a roofing material has been slow primarily due to its cost. However, there are some definite advantages to metal roofing for homeowners who are willing to spend the extra money on it.

Homeowners can choose from several different metal roofing types. Standing seam is the most typical type of metal roofing and is often seen in commercial installations. It is also popular for country homes and cabins. In addition, metal roofing can have a shake or slate look. This metal product has a similar appearance to more traditional roofing. Some metal roofing looks like asphalt shingle; this is usually seen in stone coated metal roofs.

One advantage of a metal roof is that, depending on how it's installed, it may not have problems with ice dam formation. That's because metal roofs are often installed over an existing roof, leaving the old roof in place.

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In this case, roofing contractors recommend leaving a venting strip to allow outside air under the metal roof, thus keeping the roof cold in the winter. Ice dams won't form on a cold roof. Another advantage of metal roofs is that they can be made in lighter colors that reflect the sun in the summertime, leading to lower energy bills.

There are some disadvantages to metal roofing. The number one disadvantage is the cost. It can cost two to three times more than the price of an asphalt shingle roof. Another disadvantage is that metal roofs can be more difficult to walk on since metal is smoother than asphalt, though stone coated metal roofing will offer better grip.

After taking the advantages and disadvantages into consideration, is metal roofing worth the cost? First, homeowners should consider how long they are planning to stay in the home. If they expect it will be a long time and they'd rather not go through another roof replacement, metal can be a wise choice in roofing material. If a house is in a fire prone area, a metal roof can be a big advantage since metal is fire resistant. Some insurance companies will grant a reduction in insurance premiums for homes that have metal roofs due to its decreased flammability. However, the main reason asphalt roofing remains the top choice is its affordability.

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