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Windows are one of the most noticeable features of a house or office building. The experts at Hustad Companies know that the appearance of windows can increase or decrease the curb appeal and value of the property. For historic homes, repair is often a better option than replacement since the original window styles complement the framework's character. At times, however, the installation of new windows is necessary. When modern structures need to be updated, home and business owners have a wide variety of styles from which to choose. Hustad Companies provides exemplary window installation and repair services to the residents and entrepreneurs of South Central Wisconsin.

Whether the desired window style is bay, casement or a more traditional design, the glass and frame should have a low U factor for the prevention of heat loss during the winter months. In order to achieve this goal, each window must consist of two or three panes with Low E coatings and gas fill. Spacers can also be used to help with insulation. For double pane windows, a U factor of 0.30 is efficient while triple pane windows can reach 0.15. At this level, window systems are considered high performance structures.

Summertime can also elevate energy costs. At Hustad Companies, expert roofers can install a window system that provides a low solar heat gain coefficient which is desirable for keeping the high temperatures outside. With warm edge technology, both cooling and heating has been made less expensive. The roofers also offer window spacers, which are made from an alloy that has been formed into U shaped channels. The installment of these warm edge spacers prevents the accumulation of condensation on the inside windowpanes. The spacers are strategically placed out of sight for the sake of aesthetics and the blockage of drafts.

Hustad Companies offer clients a choice among a variety of innovative window systems that can offer other benefits as well. Many products are designed to hold up during severe storms. With strong resistance to air pressure, damage from wind gusts and flying debris is minimized. Water leakage is rare when top quality materials have been properly installed. Even a reasonable noise level is maintained inside a building with state of the art windows and frames. Regardless of the concern, Hustad Companies provides the best materials and optimal service in all aspects of the windows industry.

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