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Windows allow homeowners to see outside, they allow natural light to come in and they usually add to the aesthetics of the home. Windows often last many years without problems, but when the time comes to get new windows, homeowners are limited to the same style. Madison roofing professionals can help homeowners understand different window styles and can suggest the most efficient windows for the home. While these professionals primarily handling roofing work, they have training, expertise and experience in multiple areas of home improvement, including windows.

Double hung windows are among the most commonly used styles in homes. They have two sashes, which slide vertically to open. Modern double hung windows have sashes that tilt inward when open, which makes window cleaning easier. Double hung windows are designed to be versatile and work well in any room. Single hung windows are nearly identical to double hung windows, but only include one sash on the bottom. These windows are better for spaces that have more height than width.

Sliding, or gliding, windows include a fixed sash and a moveable sash. The moveable sash slides horizontally past the fixed sash in order to open or close the window.

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These windows work well in hard to reach areas, as well as spaces that have more width than height.

Casement windows open outward and from the side. With only one side-hinged sash, casement windows crank open as opposed to sliding open. These windows are popular because they don't have a check rail like other window styles, which can obstruct views of outside. Awning windows also open via a crank mechanism. With one sash hinged at the top, awning windows only open slightly.

Both bay and bow windows extend outward from the home's exterior wall. Curved to maximize the view, bay and bow windows receive light from multiple angles and add a unique look to a home's appearance. Hopper windows but are quite popular in houses with basements. Hoppers are designed similarly to sideways casement windows, and their panes tilt inward when opened. Hinged at the bottom, this window is great for ventilation and works well in areas with limited space.

Whether they aren't working like they should, they're damaged beyond repair or homeowners just want to make a change, new windows could be the answer. Deciding which window style works for the homeowner's tastes and fits the look of the house could be challenging. Madison homeowners should consider professional guidance from a reliable and experienced roofing company that handles a variety of home improvement projects.

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