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Wind damage is one of the most common types of roof damage. Given the popularity of asphalt shingles, a homeowner may benefit from a better understanding of how wind effects such roofs. A Madison roofing contractor can give homeowners more detailed information specific to their roof. The contractor can also help with inspection and repairs.

The wind damages a roof primarily through uplift pressures that build as the air moves over the roof at high speed. Studies show that uplift pressures are significantly higher at the corners, rakes, ridges and along the edge. It is far more common to see wind damage in these areas. More anchorage can be applied to shingles in damage prone areas to prevent failure.

Asphalt shingles come in a variety of types, and the shingle type has a significant effect on the possibility of wind damage. Two of the most common types have been closely studied, three tab shingles and laminated shingles. The classic three tab shingle performed remarkably worse than the laminated shingle. Other elements of the shingle's quality and design also play a major role. The shingle should have a strong sealant strip that adheres fully to the shingle beneath it during installation. The three tab variety tends to experience more bonding failures along the adhesive strip, allowing uplift to pull at the shingle.

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The proper installation of shingles is an important way to maximize wind resistance. The vast majority of shingle failures due to wind damage can be traced back to an issue with installation. A qualified contractor will ensure that shingles are installed properly. If wind damage is a problem, the contractor may also take steps to upgrade the wind resistance of current shingles by applying roof cement or extra fastenings.

The age of the asphalt shingles is the final key factor in wind damage. No matter how well the shingles were made, maintained or installed, the deterioration of age will make them considerably more prone to wind damage. The sealant strips holding the shingles down are often one of the first parts to fail with age. The shingles will also become increasingly brittle and prone to cracking or shrinking There is no quick or easy fix for a roof that is simply too old. After about 15 to 20 years, few asphalt roofs can be expected to reliably stand up to severe wind and weather. At that point, a homeowner is best served by discussing replacement or recovering options with a contractor.

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