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Madison Roofing: Article About Will Attic Remodeling Involve The Roof?

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When in need of more living space, many Madison homeowners look to their attic. They may wonder, however, how an attic remodel will affect the home's roof. There are several issues a homeowner needs to consider.

A bare attic needs ventilation in order for moisture and hot air to escape, which prevents the roof decking from becoming damaged. Adding more insulation to an attic is one of the primary steps needed to create a livable, conditioned space. Some Madison homeowners worry that a poorly ventilated attic will create problems for the roof. However, this is not the case. The well insulated and sheetrocked attic will be climate controlled just like any other room in the house.

When considering an attic remodel, one of the first steps a homeowner should take is to contact a knowledgeable Madison roofing contractor. A professional roofer will be able to discuss building plans and suggest more options, such as adding a dormer for more headroom. In addition, other factors need to be discussed with a professional, such as if the roofline of the home needs to be changed, or if the roof needs to be raised.

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A Madison professional roofer can also ascertain if a roof's rafters or trusses are adequate to support the added weight of the necessary insulation, drywall, ductwork and electrical wiring. Extra bracing may be needed for extra support. Additionally, roof rafters may have to be moved or modified in order to make room for more living space.

If the roof itself will be changed during the remodel, a Madison professional roofer can advise homeowners on the best materials for the new roof. Many upgrades are possible. Products like vinyl soffits and fascia that do not rot should be seriously considered. Also, another option is the installation of new wooden trusses that can be treated to resist dry rot fungus. Shingles with superior warranties and waterproofing membranes can be incorporated into the new design as well. These products can eliminate many potential roof problems for the homeowner in the future and can save money on repairs.

Attic remodels usually require one egress or even two. Windows are usually installed for this purpose. Skylights are also a popular choice to provide more light for the new living space. This will involve cutting holes in the roof. Consulting a qualified roofer for the job will save trouble for the homeowner later on, because the roof will have to be waterproofed around the new skylight to prevent leaks from occurring later on.

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