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Madison roofing doesn't have to have a uniform appearance. Many businesses and homeowners are embracing the trend of using two different roofing materials on the same roof. This helps create a unique look and can make the building stand out above the rest. When done right, this type of unique roofing can add beauty and aesthetic appeal to the roof, and it may even increase the home's market value.

Many homeowners use multiple roofing materials to save money. This strategy involves putting attractive shingles or tiles on the part of the building that faces the street and installing simple, inexpensive asphalt shingles on the less visible portions of the building. This is a great strategy to add curb appeal to the house and get the job done on budget.

Multiple colors can also add curb appeal and visual interest, but be careful of mixing too many. Mixing various neutral shades of grey or brown can create a dimensional look, but using too many different colors can be overwhelming and far too busy. Keep it simple and stick to only two or three colors.

A different roofing material can also be used to highlight prominent features of the home.

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A house with a conical roof on a prominent tower may benefit from a brightly colored roof over the tower and a more subtle roof over the rest of the house. Choosing high-end roofing on prominent features of the house makes them stand out, adding charm and character.

Height is another consideration. Because guests walk directly up to and underneath a porch roof, some homeowners opt to make the porch roof pop with bright or expensive roofing materials. They would then use plainer, less expensive materials on the rest of the roof. The theory behind this choice is that the lower roof is far more visible than the higher one, so appearance isn't quite as important on the second story roof.

Proper mixing of roofing materials isn't just about aesthetics. While metal roofs can be combined with other types of roofing materials, they should never be combined with each other unless the two will not be touching each other. Certain metals oxidize or otherwise damage each other if they are used in combination. Copper, for example, wreaks havoc on aluminum.

Whatever roofing materials and colors are chosen, ask the contractor to provide a rendering of what the building will look like when it is finished. This makes it easier to visualize the finished product and avoid combinations that won't look as good in reality as they did in someone's imagination.

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