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Most homeowners are familiar with hail, which are solid ice chunks that can be extremely tiny or as large as baseballs. Homeowners should be concerned about their roofs when a hailstorm moves through an area because this ice can easily damage shingles. A Madison roofing professional must evaluate the roof surface to verify if repairs are necessary after every major weather event, including hailstorms.

When homeowners know hail is striking the home, they should listen for any unusual noises. Hail should hit and roll off the roof in a consistent pattern. If the noises are excessively loud, the hail pieces could be large, which means there is more risk of major damage.

When the storm has passed, contact a local contractor to set up an inspection appointment. Many roofers have emergency numbers to call for priority scheduling. It's critical to be proactive with roofing care to avoid any major leaks into the structure.

Residents should venture outside after the storm and use binoculars to inspect the roof. Hail damage is distinct because it's uniformly located across the entire roof surface.

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There should be consistent damage on each shingle in the form of small dents, and a close up view is necessary to determine the best repair process.

When contractors arrive, they'll carefully inspect the roof surface. They'll look for bruising or complete cracks into the shingle and underlayment below. Contractors don't always have to replace shingles that are cosmetically damaged. They may report the damage as minor and discuss options with homeowners. Any shingles with visible holes or deep cracks must be replaced to protect the entire structure from further water damage.

Along with hail strikes often comes high winds, so during the post storm inspection, contractors also look for missing or torn shingle sections. Workers might cover the areas temporarily with tarps to prevent any moisture infiltration. These severely damaged areas must be replaced as soon as possible. In cases of excessive hail damage, it might be wise to replace the entire roof surface, and a contractor can let a homeowner know if replacement is the best option.

Homeowners do not need to wait for actual storm damage to prepare for possible hail. Before any weather events occur, interview several companies to narrow down possible selections that can be called upon following a major weather event. Homeowners can enter in to a service agreement with a reputable company, allowing them to have an instant emergency contact when repair situations arise.

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