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The exterior of a home stands up to many different weather conditions; from sun and wind to ice and rain and everything in between. Homeowners rely on their roofs to keep their homes, families, and belongings safe from the outside elements. Most people don't stop to think about it, but roofs have quite a job to perform. They are often taken for granted until something goes wrong.

Early roofing materials consisted of bundled reeds and thatch that was attached to the rafters. Contrary to what it might seem, thatch worked well and was usually weather tight. The only drawback is that even a skilled thatcher would invest a lot of time and effort into making a thatch roof. Later on, roofs were constructed with overlapping slates, cedar shakes, and clay tiles. All of these roofing materials are still in use by many homes today, in addition to some newer ones.

For more than 100 years, asphalt shingles have been the go to roofing material for many American homeowners. Although it is younger than its counterparts, it provides a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing roof at prices the majority of homeowners can afford.

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The most popular shingle for Madison roofing contractors to install is the asphalt shingle.

No matter the current roofing material, all roofing systems work under the same concept; several layers work together to resist the weather. Each layer contributes its own value to the system as a whole. Homeowners who understand how this system works together will be able to speak with background knowledge when hiring a roofing professional and making decisions about their roof.

Every roofing system is comprised of some type of overlapping material. This overlap serves a dual purpose; resisting wind uplift and increasing watershed. Asphalt shingles are nailed to the roof deck and to each other. Another form of weather proofing is heat sensitive adhesive strips that allow the shingles to self seal. If a roof lacks the overlap of asphalt shingles and the adhesive strips, then it is at risk for losing shingles and leaking. This makes the proper materials and construction of a roof very important, especially as the roof continues to age.

Homeowners should discuss with their roofing contractor the basics of what materials will be used and how the materials will be applied. They should also inquire about warranties on the materials and on the work, in order to protect themselves in unforeseen circumstances.

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