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In cold climates, snow and ice can really take their toll on a roof. Many of the maintenance and repair calls that Madison roofing companies go out on involve snow and ice in some way. While some wear and tear from snow and ice is unavoidable, much of it can be prevented, and there are steps that a homeowner can take to prevent or at least mitigate roof damage and wear in the winter.

Although it is often overlooked, a roof's weight capacity is something to keep in mind during the winter months. All roofs have a maximum live load, and when the actual live load exceeds the roof's limit, the roof can become damaged. Homeowners should know the peak snow weight for their region, the dead load of their roof and its maximum live load. If peak snow weight plus the dead load exceeds the maximum live load, then the roof requires additional support.

Many of the cold climate problems homeowners face, such as snow accumulation and ice dams, can be avoided through proper attic ventilation and insulation.

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The science of attic ventilation has progressed tremendously in the last decade alone, so if a house is a decade old or older, there's a good chance it needs to be upgraded to protect the home.

If a homeowner deals with ice dams often, they should first upgrade the attic ventilation and insulation. Sometimes weatherstripping caps on attic vents is enough to cure a home of ice dam problems. Hire a roofer to inspect all flashing and sealants around penetrations and caulk any gaps. If the ice dam problem persists after these measures, then the homeowner can investigate alternative solutions, such a metal flashing system or heat strips.

A downside to a roof being able to shed snow and ice effectively is large chunks of snow and ice coming off the roof with force. These chunks can injure people, damage vehicles and even hit the side of other homes if the houses close together. Snow guards are a good investment that can help a roof shed snow and ice at a more measured pace, which can also help protect the gutter and downspout system.

If snow and ice are reaching the gutters and downspouts, then homeowners should consider installing gutter guards. In addition to blocking leaves and dirt, gutter guards block snow and ice. They prevent icicles and help accumulated snow and ice melt quicker, which helps to alleviate some of the weight that can pull a gutter away from the fascia board.

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