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Siding protects the internal structure of the home from the elements and many different life forms. From the rotting damage caused by rain water to nests built by rodents and insects, this material shields the property from being damaged. The smallest holes can create some of the biggest problems for the homeowner. Paying attention to the siding is one way to spot trouble areas. However, there are several other signs that can point to problems within the covering. A Madison roofing professional who has experience in siding repair may be able to identify many of these problems.

Fluctuations in energy bills may happen, depending on the current usage of appliances and devices on the property. When it comes to heating and cooling, a compromised section of siding could escalate these bills. If the energy consumption appears to be higher than normal, it may be an indicator that temperate air is being lost due to holes or cracks in the siding. For example, siding that isn't fully connected to the house could let cold air into the home and warm air out during winter. This means the furnace will be running more frequently in order to keep the house comfortable.

Certain smells can be a prime giveaway that there may be a problem with the siding. Animal feces or a putrid odor could lead homeowners to believe various creatures are within the walls.

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A bad area of siding is a common access point into the home for critters such as birds, mice and other rodents. Musty mildew smells could mean that there is mold growth within the walls caused by a leak from the siding. This may be even more dangerous for those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

If paint begins to peel free from the wall or the wallpaper loosens, this may indicate that moisture is getting in near that specific area. Latex paints are also capable of capturing water from leaks which gives the appearance of a sack formation connected to the wall. If these problems occur on the perimeter walls of the home, there is a chance that it could be related to faulty siding. In such an instance, the drywall may need to be replaced as well as the area of siding that caused the leak.

Many forms of siding retain their color for as long as the life expectancy of the product. If the color begins to fade from the material, this may mean that the waterproofing capabilities of the surface are compromised. In such instances, professionals should be called to test the siding to ensure that it can still function properly.

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