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When a homeowner has a roof installed, they are likely to obtain a warranty. In some cases, homeowners looking for extra coverage will purchase two warranties. It is not uncommon for homeowners to obtain a warranty specific to their Madison roofing materials and another for the work required to install the materials. If an individual receives a warranty that covers both, it is usually because the roofing company has a deal with the materials manufacturer.

A materials warranty covers the roofing that roofing company installed. This typically provides coverage for the shingles or particular material used, but it may also apply to weatherproofing or the underlayment if those were also produced by the company. These warranties cover damage that occurs as a result of the materials not performing in compliance with factory specifications.

For example, if a roof develops leaks or a shingle tears off because of faulty manufacturing, it is likely to be covered by the warranty on the material. However, if shingles fail due to a hurricane or a fire, something that roofing cannot generally stand up against, the manufacturer will not be responsible for replacing the material or be held accountable for any damage.

Labor warranties are generally exclusively related to the work done by the company that performed the installation.

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If a roof fails due to careless installation, such as not being moored with enough nails or nails being put in the wrong place, this would be covered by the labor warranty. As with materials warranties, if damage occurs as a result of something that was not related to the work of the roofing service, it will probably not be covered.

It is important to note that if a materials and labor warranty are separate, people may have to pay to have replacement roofing put in out of their own pocket. Materials warranties claims will often provide replacement shingles for the ones that failed, but they do not always pay for costs related to having the faulty roofing removed and the new roof installed.

To ensure that a warranty is honored, individuals need to report issues as soon as they are detected and avoid doing anything that would null the warranty. Warranties may be voided if materials are not installed to a manufacturer's specifications or if someone has a different contractor work on their roof, even if the third party contractor is trying to repair something done wrong by the company that handled the installation.

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