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Roofing disasters often strike without any warning, resulting in hundreds and even thousands of dollars of damage. From hurricanes and straight line winds to fallen trees and lightning strikes, there are some steps homeowners can take to deal with roofing disasters in the most effective way possible. The first step is to contact a Madison roofing professional to receive an inspection report on the extent of the damage. Only once the extent of the damage is known can the repair and recovery process begin. Even an approximate assessment of the damage makes it easier to get an insurance company to honor a given policy. Homeowners can perform an initial inspection by using binoculars to assess the damaged areas of the roof.

Once the damage has been assessed, it is essential to keep a record of everything that needs to be discussed with the contractor. It is important to take note of the color of the roofing materials, whether any shingles are missing, whether the plywood or tarpaper is exposed and whether any ends of missing shingles are visible.

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Spotting these problem areas goes a long way toward creating a plan for repair and keeps a record for the insurance company to look over.

Homeowners who are waiting on a professional can make some minor repairs on their own. Placing buckets under any leaks can prevent further damage to the interior of the home. Waterproofed tarping is also ideal for use in cases where a large section of the roof has been damaged by ice, snow or water. Small shingle repairs can be done with relative ease by a homeowner with little or no experience.

One of the most overlooked steps of dealing with a roofing disaster is to call the insurance company to make repairs. Insurance companies are often reluctant to pay out on a claim, but waiting to call after a disaster is only going to make the situation worse. It is common for there to be similar damage in the homes within an immediate radius of the disaster, so the best time to present a claim is immediately after the damage has occurred. This not only ensures that the funds will be available as soon as possible but helps to corroborate the claim that the damage was caused by the disaster and not a less easily documented source. By following these basic guidelines, a roofing disaster can become less difficult to manage.

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