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A roofing collapse can cause incredible amounts of damage, which is why people should not dismiss indications that a roof collapse may be imminent. Some of the more obvious indications that Madison roofing professionals may be needed are when the roof makes creaking noises, when doors and windows do not open and close smoothly and when cracks appear on outside walls.

Some people may assume that the sounds of their deck slowly giving way are just their house settling, so homeowners should not dismiss odd sounds coming from their roof. When someone hears these types of noises, it may be a good idea to take a look in the attic and see if the rafters are sagging or appear bowed.

Another sign that a collapse may occur is when doors and windows don't seem to line up or if it is a struggle to open or close them. When the weight from the roof is more than support structures can hold up, the pressure may reduce the size of doorways and windows. Cracks appearing on outside walls are also indications that pressure is such that it is disintegrating load bearing walls.

Roofing collapses occur as a result of too much weight being put on a roof, but this can come either from items being installed on the roof or weight from water or snow.

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Homeowners may forget that their roof can only hold so much weight and install satellite dishes, HVAC units and solar panels on their home without considering the roof's load bearing capacity.

Standing water and snow on a roof can also lead to a collapse. When water is on a roof for more than 48 hours, it is considered standing water. Just an inch of water spread over a square foot weighs five pounds. Several square feet of roofing with an inch or two of water on it can add thousands of pounds of additional weight for a roof to support.

The weight of snow can also cause a roof to collapse, but a collapse is more likely to occur when ice dams are present. Ice dams form when snow melts due to heat from a roof and freezes again at the edge of a roof. This frozen water creates a dam, hence the name, which prevents any other melted snow from flowing off of the roof. When this occurs, a roof will have to bear the weight of both the snow on it and a large amount of water.

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