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Basic roof systems consist of shingles, underlayment and wood decking to protect a home from moisture damage. Beneath these layers is the home's structural framework. Trusses, rafters and other lumber configurations support all materials attached to walls and ceilings. In fact, Madison roofing professionals must include a framework inspection with all their roofing evaluations. Wood framework plays a critical role in rooftop health, so homeowners should understand its importance at each maintenance appointment.

Typically, contractors inspect framework from within attic spaces because it's completely hidden from view from the exterior. Roofers visually and physically evaluate rafters for any rot or pest infiltration. They can even go further and lean ladders against the home's exterior to inspect rafter tails. These rafters extend into the soffit areas and create sheltered spaces for the rooftop's ventilation. Ideally, reputable professionals will examine all exposed rafters within soffits at least once a year.

The best time to evaluate framework components is during a roof tearoff project. Contractors remove roofing nails and plywood decking to expose all rafters. Roofers inspect the wood for any damage and make recommendations for replacement. Typically, all damaged rafters must be replaced because contractors can easily access the area at this moment in time.

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Homeowners who decline these rafter repairs must pay for the service in the near future by removing part of the roof again.

Contractors must attach decking to healthy rafters by using specific fastener techniques. For example, roofers must drive all nails directly into the center of all rafters. Fasteners grazing lumber edges or driven at unusual angles into the wood contribute to decking deterioration over the years. Experienced contractors take their time and position each roofing nail with care. Professionals prioritize quality workmanship when it comes to any project.

Generally, no framework sections should ever be removed or altered without a structural engineer's evaluation. Roofers may recommend rafter replacement, but they add new sections in the same orientation as the original blueprints. Homeowners who have a rooftop installation, such as an air conditioner, should invite both HVAC and roofing professionals to the property. These experts can devise the best installation method without compromising roof quality or structural stability.

Homeowners can use their listening skills and pinpoint any framework problems between roofing appointments. Creaking sounds, for example, are normal for any household built with wood components. In contrast, excessive creaking or settling may indicate declining wood. Homeowners should immediately contact roofers if they notice any unusual sounds. Roof deterioration can easily start at the framework level and quickly move up through the material layers with permanent damage sure to follow.

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