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For most homeowners, their roof is not something they think about on a regular basis. Roofs are widely taken for granted, usually until an urgent problem, such as a leak arises. Leaks can signal a significant problem, however, there are other symptoms homeowners should be on the lookout for to determine if their roof needs to be replaced.

This is perhaps the simplest factor in determining whether a homeowner needs a roof replacement or not; age. Most Madison roofing experts agree that a typical asphalt shingle roof should last between 20 and 25 years while cedar shakes, slate, and tile roofs may last several years longer. Another factor that plays into this is if the current roof was installed over an older one. If this is the case, and the roof is more than 20 years old, a homeowner should consider getting their roof replaced.

The condition of the shingles is the next factor that should be considered. If the shingles are curling or buckling it could be a symptom that they are aging and wearing out. Shingles in this condition will not provide adequate roof coverage or protection and the homeowner will most likely notice a leak next. Missing shingles or shingles that appear displaced from where they should be are another warning sign to heed.

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In addition, homeowners should look at the granule coating on the shingles. If it appears that the granules are wearing off or many can be found in the gutters of the home, it could be a sign the roof is wearing out. Increased granule loss will happen toward the end of a shingle's lifespan. The homeowner should pay special attention to the slopes and valleys of the roof and areas that get direct sunlight when performing an inspection.

Another roof area homeowners should inspect is the chimney flashing and other areas where shingles do not come together. If the flashing consists of a simple roof cement or tar, it should be replaced with a watertight metal flashing system to help protect the roof.

The attic is another area that homeowners should inspect when assessing the integrity of the roof. Homeowners should get in the attic with a flashlight and look for areas of moisture in the boards or the insulation as this is a sign of poor roof integrity and leaking. In addition, if daylight can be seen coming through the roof boards, it can be a sign of a significant problem and missing roofing materials.

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