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A good roof ventilation system is essential to every home. Proper ventilation prevents excessive heat from building up in attic spaces during the summer months, and also prevents moisture from developing in these spaces when temperatures drop during winter. To keep homeowners informed, Madison roofing professionals have compiled the following information detailing the most state of art roofing ventilation systems available today.

Roof vents or exhaust fans are typically used to remove air from attic spaces. In addition to roof vents and exhaust fans, some homes also use ridge vents to accomplish this task. These devices remove hot air in the summer before it has a chance to permeate the lower sections of the house. Proper ventilation in the winter prevents moist, heated air from other places in the house accumulating in the attic. When this happens, humidity can cause condensation to form which can damage ceilings, insulation, and even the structural integrity of the home.

Keep in mind that air that is removed from the attic must be replaced by an equal amount of air, and this means that there should be air intake fans or vents that work in conjunction with the system in place for exhaust. Professionals recommend having at least one square foot of ventilation for every 150 square feet of attic space.

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Half of the square footage of ventilation should be intake, and the other half should be exhaust. Some homes have an intake fan or vent on one side of the attic and an exhaust fan or vent on the opposing side. It is also common practice to have vented soffits installed.

Homeowners often ask what indicators to look for to ensure attic ventilation is working properly. The first thing to note is the temperature in the attic. Excessive heat in the attic during summer months means that the space is not receiving adequate ventilation. During winter, mold growth in attic spaces means that moisture is present. Moisture or condensation present in the attic does not necessarily mean there is a leak in the roof. It could mean that improper ventilation is allowing moisture to accumulate to levels that could cause damage to everything in the home.

Homeowners who think they are experiencing problems with roof ventilation are encouraged to seek the help of roofing professionals. Most roofing companies are willing to do a free evaluation to determine the scope of work required to fix the issue.

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