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Once a roof's shingles have reached their rated life, many homeowners expect that they will soon have to replace their roofing systems. Instead of automatically tearing off the rooftop just because it has reached its expected lifespan, experienced Madison roofing experts will perform a thorough assessment to determine the roof's condition. The roofers will look for specific signs that suggest a roof needs to be replaced.

If the roof is still in good condition, semi-annual inspections performed by the roofing service can detect any problems before significant damage can develop. Once any major problems are spotted, homeowners should begin to plan for a roof replacement.

The first issue that roofers look for is baldness of the shingles' surface. Bald spots develop when the asphalt granules become worn and knocked off by wind and rain. Bare shingles are prone to saturation and can allow water to leak through the underlayment and into the wooden sheathing. The shingles can also split and crack more easily after they have lost their granules. Shingles that have lost more than half of their granules should be replaced as quickly as possible.

Another issue that roofers will check for is curling or lifting up of the shingles. This can happen when the shingles are dried out.

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Fastener failure can also cause the shingles to curl up. Extreme attic heat and condensation in the roof's decking may also cause shingles to lift. If a significant number of the roof's shingles have curled or lifted out of position and have also reached their average life expectancy, replacement is a good idea.

If more than a few of the roofing nails or screws have popped up, this also suggests a problem. Likewise, if more than a handful of shingles have blown off, and it did not take a strong or severe storm to do it, the roofing system has been weakened and needs to be replaced.

When choosing new shingles, property owners should work with their roofers to select the best type for their home. In general, the heavier and thicker each shingle is, the stronger it will be and the more resistance it will have to wind and weathering. A roofer's labor costs will be about the same no matter what grade of shingles the homeowner selects. Choosing long-lasting shingles can help to decrease the frequency at which a roof's exterior materials need to be replaced, which can lower the overall annual cost of maintaining the home.

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