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One of the biggest causes of roof deterioration is hail damage. After severe weather, contact a Madison roofing professional to inspect the roof for signs of wear and tear related to hail storms. Hail damage can present in several different ways, and each will require attention.

First, flashings and ventilation covers are the prime recipients of hail damage. The thin aluminum used in manufacturing these parts of the roof can be easily damaged by hail and will appear dented and pocked. Large hailstones can also cause deformation of the edges of flashing and vents, which can leave openings to water. Roofing professionals can usually seal these problem areas with caulk. In the meantime, homeowners can collect the rainwater from leaks in a bucket.

Secondly, the ridge cap of the roof will be the next most likely place to spot hail damage. Since this part of the roof sits flat, it will be hit more often and more directly than the sloped sides of the roof. Check for areas where hail has chipped away the ceramic granules of the shingles and left the underlayment exposed. Move down the sides of the roof and look for any other exposure.

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In addition, be aware that even if the granules are still present, shingles can be bruised. The best way to check for bruised shingles is to feel for small indentations, and press lightly on them to see if the underlying structure has been damaged. If the area is soft or spongy, the materials may be damaged underneath.

Lastly, under extreme conditions, a worn roof will begin to break apart in hail. Older shingles may already be brittle around the edges, and hail will cause the corners to crack or break off completely. Areas where granules were previously missing are also subject to circular cracking of the base layer of the shingle. All of these are serious defects and will require immediate replacement to keep the house safe from weather damage.

A roofing professional will be able to inspect the entire roof and determine if there is significant enough hail damage to warrant a complete or partial replacement. In addition, having a certified inspection after a hailstorm can be a key to filing successful insurance claims if damage occurs inside the house due to water leaks. Be aware that even if there is no easily identifiable damage from the ground, bruising and damage to the roofing structure can still be present and will reduce the overall lifespan of the roof.

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