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Madison Roofing: Article About Reducing The Risk Of Storm Damage

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Storm damage can cause a number of repairs and easily add up to thousands of dollars to fix. The damage can also shorten the roof's lifespan due to excess wear on the roofing materials. For those who want to prevent storm damage before it occurs, there are several steps to take with a Madison roofing professional.

One of the most common areas where leaks develop on roofs is near the flashing where moisture can easily get in. The flashing should be inspected for rust or any gaps that are present. If the material is worn or loose, it will need to be repaired immediately to ensure that the home is sealed from water.

The roofing materials should also be secured with cement and fasteners that will prevent them from blowing off in the middle of a storm. This will also help to ensure that the home has enough protection. Tie downs, also known as hurricane straps, can also be used to secure the roof and prevent certain sections from blowing off.

The gutters need to be cleaned out of debris that has accumulated in the past season to prevent standing water from accumulating excess weight that can be placed on the home. Standing water can also cause leaks to develop if it sits for too long on the structure.

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Having rain gutters that are clear of leaves will allow water or melted snow to drain properly onto other areas of the property. This will prevent flooding or damage to the yard.

A roofing professional can also be hired to perform an inspection on the roof to identify areas that need to be repaired. If the damaged materials aren't remedied, the problems can increase in severity and cost more money to fix after the storm passes.

Trees that sit closely to the home should also be cut back to prevent them from coming into contact with the roof when they begin to sway from high winds. The branches need to be trimmed a week prior to the storm's arrival in order to prevent them from growing back too quickly. If the branches happen to fall on the roof, it can bring the shingles or tiles down with it.

Homeowners should also check that there's proper ventilation on the roof to prevent voiding a manufacturer's warranty on the asphalt shingles if high winds lift the materials off of the home.

After the storm passes, an additional inspection should be completed to identify areas that need to be repaired.

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