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Rooftops are layered systems that must be evaluated by expert Madison roofing professionals. Missing one damaged area contributes to material weathering and numerous problems in the future. As a solution, contractors use a variety of techniques to successfully survey a rooftop. They use all their senses and specialized tools to find and fix rooftop problems.

Contractors begin their rooftop evaluation the moment they step on the surface. Each footstep offers clues about the stability of the roof. Workers step carefully while mentally noting any bounce beneath their feet. Ideally, rooftops should have a firm yet slightly flexible feeling under contractors' weight. Roofs yielding to foot pressure with excessive sagging must be immediately investigated. Wood decking below shingles might be deteriorating from moisture damage, for example. Reputable contractors walk across all rooftop surfaces for accurate repair quotes.

Most roofs have several planes or surfaces creating the home's basic architecture. Each plane must be analyzed using a profile or side inspection. Contractors inspect the plane from a side angle, allowing them to see the slope and any anomalies. Ideally, all planes must be flat with no bulges or low lying areas. Contractors note and examine any surface disturbances discovered during this visual inspection.

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Rooftop damage only worsens over time, compromising impact resistance and reducing material lifespans.

Contractors use their sense of smell to find more elusive rooftop damages. Mildew and other growths have a distinct scent as they develop, especially after rainstorms. Microorganisms grow on hidden wood decking, making their discovery difficult unless the roof requires major renovations. Contractors may smell mildew near an inspection area, such as at the roof eave. This strong scent prompts workers to remove small material sections and verify damage suspicions. Removing microorganisms before they spread any further reduces major repair bills for homeowners.

Some contractors employ today's technology to enhance rooftop inspections. Drones and other camera equipment pass over the roof, creating a new perspective of the entire rooftop design. Contractors should only use this equipment as a supplement to hands on inspections, however. Camera visuals can be deceptive with shadows hiding possible damage areas, for instance. Roofers use camera information to verify their discoveries and document roof damage for insurance purposes.

It's critical to keep all unauthorized people off the roof between service appointments. Residents should call contractors if there are concerns about rooftop health. Even contact roofers if other service personnel, such as HVAC technicians, must access the surface. Less rooftop foot traffic enhances material longevity and reduces possible damages.

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