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Madison Roofing: Article About Protecting Roofing From Extreme Weather Conditions

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Extreme weather conditions can destroy or reduce the lifespan of roofing materials. Roofing is a large investment that is meant to last for an extended duration from 12 to 50 years. That lifespan is dependent on the roofing material that is chosen. If you are living in an area prone to extreme weather conditions, then that lifespan can be drastically reduced. While there is no foolproof way to protect your roof from these weather conditions, there are ways to strengthen it and make it more resilient to extreme storms. Make sure to contract qualified Madison roofing professionals that are willing to guide you through the process of choosing suitable roofing materials.

Regardless of whether you are building for the first time or are reinforcing an existing structure, you will need to choose the best materials that are capable of withstanding extreme weather. Asphalt shingles are typically the most convenient option as they are commonly used and affordable. Composite shingles have been gaining in popularity because they combine aesthetics and durability and require little maintenance. Be sure to note the roofing materials' grade. It should be suited to endure the prevalent weather conditions. Choosing shingles that have a greater wind rating than your region's Class G, Class H and Class 4 impact resistance will ensure your roofing is protected against high velocity winds and hailstorms.

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You could also choose heavyset clay or concrete tiles or use standing seam metal roofing.

You could also decide to reinforce your roofing as it is. Due to budget constraints, many homeowners choose to reinforce their roofs rather than to invest in a costly replacement option. Fast moving winds can tear off roofing. Contractors can secure roofing panels more tightly to the rooftop by changing the nail spacing. This type of modification is a quick way to reinforce an existing roof structure. Roof sheathing should also be fastened tightly by screws to keep them from being torn off by wind. The roofing underlayment is also prone to being lifted off by wind, which exposes the sheathing joints to the elements. One way to protect the sheathing joints is to use bituminous tape to seal off the joints. A better solution still is to use a self-adhering roofing cover to protect the sheathing. When designing a home in a storm prone region, it is best to consult with roofers with experience maintaining cyclonic homes. These contractors can advise homeowners on the best wind resistant installation strategies.

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