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Madison Roofing: Article About Pros and Cons Of Pitched Roofs

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When installing a new roof, some homeowners like the idea of a pitched roof due to the appearance and curb appeal. While pitched roofs offer some significant advantages over flat roofs, there are also some major disadvantages that should be considered before homeowners make plans to purchase materials and schedule an install. During the planning stages of a new roof install, a Madison roofing contractor can help ensure that a pitched roof can be installed on the home in question.

Water and moisture penetration is highly undesirable. If moisture gets into the attic or into the living space, it can cause extensive damage that can be expensive to repair. While all homes can have water problems, pitched roofs are better at shedding water than flat roofs. Because flat roofs do not have a pitch, there is the potential that water can pool and become stagnant. This is not usually possible with a pitched roof.

Because pitched roofs are better at moving water away from the attic and living space, they often have a longer lifespan than flat roofs.

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Pitched roofs have room for a proper ventilation system and insulation; combined with routine maintenance, a pitched roof can last much longer with less maintenance than a flat roof.

There are a couple of downsides to installing a pitched roof. The most important con for many homeowners is the cost. Pitched roofs require a strong structure. Additionally, the roof will require more materials depending on the pitch of the roof. Pitched roofs are much more dangerous in terms of installation; they take longer to install. All of these costs together can make a pitched roof much more expensive to put on a home.

The other downside is the weight of the roof. Flat roofs are much lighter because they need less materials to provide full protection. The structure required to install a pitched roof can be heavy; the additional exterior materials can also add a significant amount of weight. If the home originally had a flat roof, it may be impossible to install a pitched roof as the foundation may not be able to handle the additional weight.

Ultimately, there are many factors that should be considered when thinking about installing a pitched roof. These factors include the potential cost of the roof, the home's aesthetics, maintenance and durability, among others. A professional roofer should be able to walk the homeowner through all of the factors before a final decision is made.

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