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When Madison roofing professionals properly maintain a rooftop, traditional shingles can last several decades. Yearly or bi-yearly maintenance is the key to reducing accelerated shingle decline on any structure. Homeowners should research and commit to one roofing company that can provide consistent maintenance through the years as a home's shingles naturally age. Normally, simple cleaning tasks and minor repairs are all that are required to ward off shingle damages.

Contractors start any shingle inspection by cleaning the rooftop surface. Leaves, pine needles and other debris can become stuck along valleys and at gutters. Any debris in contact with shingles for long periods contributes to the material's decline. In fact, debris holds considerable moisture as it decays on the shingles' surfaces. When contractors routinely remove that debris, they preserve the rooftop surface from accelerated decline.

Almost all homes are exposed to some wind events during the year, so contractors must examine the shingles for any loose sections. Roofing nails can hold shingles securely to sheathing for decades at a time, but they do pull out of surfaces with excessive winds striking the area. Contractors should traverse the rooftop and inspect all shingle courses or rows for any loose nails.

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They can hammer those loose fasteners into the surface or replace them as necessary.

Shingles have long lifespans when a rooftop is properly installed, but they may fail as individual pieces over time. One shingle section could have a deep impact from a large item striking the rooftop. Contractors must remove and replace any damaged shingles during preventive maintenance appointments to further improve the entire system's durability. Minor repairs across the rooftop will often prevent major damages from developing over the years.

Contractors may even suggest a sealant application across the rooftop after all minor repairs are completed. Roofers spray these sealants across the shingled surfaces and form an invisible barrier. These sealants can prolong shingle lifespans when they're applied each year or as directed by roofing professionals. Homeowners won't see an aesthetic difference on the rooftop, but materials will be more protected as volatile weather moves through an area.

Homeowners must verify their chosen contractor's credentials before they sign any contracts. Residents should ask for current license numbers, and they must check their validity with local authorities. Reputable contractors have valid licenses for several consecutive years with few or no complaints from previous clients. In the end, homeowners can hire a company with a superior reputation in the industry for a long-term business relationship.

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