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If roofs are not protected or prepped for the end of the year, the winter weather can easily cause the structure to take a beating, due to harsh outdoor conditions. This can shorten the roof's lifespan and even lead to extensive water damage to the interior property. To protect the roof and reduce the risk of repairs that will need to be made, it's important to follow a few tips with a Madison Roofing professional.

The most important step to take to prepare a roof for the winter months ahead is to have nearby trees on the property trimmed back. It's important to have this performed by a landscaper at the end of the fall season to ensure that the trees don't grow back too quickly. This can cause the branches to crack and fall on the roof, which will lead to missing shingles or tiles.

A common problem during the winter season is standing water that can begin to accumulate on roofs that don't have much of a slope. This is often caused by clogged rain gutters that aren't promoting proper water flow on the building.

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Leaves, branches, and debris should all be cleaned out of the metal structure to prevent the water from backing up onto the roof. This will often lead to leaks that develop.

Loose shingles or tiles will need to be secured to the home to prevent them from falling off in the middle of a storm. This can cause the roof to be susceptible to leaks due to a lack of protection on the roof deck. Cement or angled fasteners will be used to secure the materials. Cracked tiles or curled shingles will also need to be replaced because they are no longer durable. Damaged roofing materials are one of the leading causes of leaks and should be repaired immediately.

Another important area to inspect is the flashing, which is present on vents, skylights and chimneys. Flashing is installed on areas where two different surfaces meet, which can allow moisture in if the material is in poor condition. Rust or gaps that are visible mean that the flashing is in need of attention and should be replaced. This should last up to 30 years before it needs to be reinstalled.

In some cases, ice dams can occur when snow is not removed quickly from a roof. It's important to keep the attic ventilated with cool air to allow the snow to melt gradually.

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