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Moss, algae and lichen are all capable of growing on Madison roofing and often do. While they can be removed and the roof cleaned, it's preferable to take preventative measures to inhibit their growth. While there are many maintenance tasks homeowners can perform to eliminate these issues, some should be performed by a professional roofing contractor.

If installing a new roof, ask the contractor about algae resistant shingles. Plants dislike copper, so some shingle manufacturers put tiny bits of copper in their shingles to help prevent mold, algae and lichen growth. While reroofing with these shingles is impractical in the middle of a roof's useful life, it is an excellent solution to implement during roof replacements. Some homeowners also opt for darker shingles that, while not preventing plant growth, will hide it better.

When replacing the roof is a long way off, roofing contractors can apply a chemical treatment to existing shingles to ward off plant life. While nothing will completely prevent plant growths, these coating can significantly slow their growth. This job is best left to a roofer who knows which chemicals work best and can apply them without damaging the roof.

Roofers can also install copper to prevent plants. Moss, algae and lichen all dislike water that contains any amount of copper. Roofers can use this to their advantage by installing a wide strip of copper underneath the shingles at the peak of the roof.

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Rainwater will hit this bar, pick up some of the copper and carry it down to the rest of the roof below. Like other solutions, this one only slows plant growth but can create significant improvement.

A simple tree trimming can work wonders as well. Moss, lichen and algae prefer damp, shady areas, and heavily shaded sections of roof make perfect planting beds. Exposing these plants to more sunlight is sometimes enough to overheat and kill them. Remove any debris like twigs and leaves that may have dropped onto the roof from the tree as well. These items can create a space that traps water and that provides just enough shade to help plants to take hold.

Cleaning the gutters also reduces plant growth. Clogged gutters cause water to back up on the roof rather than running off, and this standing water encourages plants. Clogged gutters can in themselves cause damage to roofing systems. Once cleaned, consider installing gutter guards.

The best prevention strategy may be to combine all of these roof protection methods. Whatever method is used, it is important to take action as these plants can damage roof shingles and create leaks.

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