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Roof leaks can happen at any time. They can be random, or they can be the consequence of a recent storm, or of a shingle that has blown away. It could also be because the roof needed to be replaced a long time ago. Whenever leaks are noticed, they can send even the calmest homeowners into a panic. After all, until the area is fully inspected, a homeowner can't be sure how much damage has been caused, or even what is causing the leak. There is always potential for structural and other damages to the home, as well as damage to the homeowner's belongings. Until a Madison roofing professional arrives, there are some steps homeowners can take to help minimize the leak and any subsequent damage, whether it be water or otherwise.

Although it may be quite tempting, homeowners should resist the temptation to get on the roof themselves. This feat can be quite dangerous, especially in wet weather conditions or if the homeowner is inexperienced. Instead, a homeowner can use a pair of binoculars to attempt to get a better view of what might be occurring on the roof.

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Inside the home, buckets or large containers can be used to collect water that might be leaking into the house. Care should be taken by the homeowner to not let the buckets or containers overflow and to empty them before they are too heavy and cumbersome to carry.

If the leak is large, a homeowner may be able to temporarily patch it, using either heavy duty plastic sheeting or roofing paper. Plastic sheeting is the most temporary measure and should be doubled up where the leak is located and attached with roofing nails. If roofing nails are not available, the homeowner can also use sandbags, large rocks, cement blocks, bricks, or boards to hold the plastic sheeting in place.

Roofing paper can be found in the building section of a home improvement or hardware store. If a homeowner wants to use roofing paper, they should also purchase plastic cement specifically for roofing and a trowel. The homeowner should apply the roofing paper by overlapping its layers, going from the bottom of the roof up, while alternating roofing paper and cement.

If either of these temporary leak fixes cannot be performed safely or with the correct materials, the homeowner should simply use buckets to minimize the water damage while waiting for a qualified roofing professional to arrive. Homeowners who feel unsafe while waiting should consider evacuating their home.

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