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While the decision to replace a roof entails getting quotes and choosing materials, a homeowner should always take steps to physically prepare their yard before the roofing contractors arrive. The home will become a major work site for a few days. Trucks, a dumpster, power tools and debris will all be present on the property. Damage might result at this busy and hectic scene, but a homeowner can reduce the chance of accidents by exercising a few precautions.

Any Madison roofing company will naturally want to avoid causing any harm to a client's property. A homeowner should meet the work crew when it arrives the first day in order to go over a few details. For example, any new plantings should be pointed out. Although contractors typically use tarps to cover bushes and small trees from materials that are discarded during the roof tear off, the workers might not notice every aspect of the landscaping. Making them aware of a sensitive area could prevent an unfortunate loss of plants or lawn ornaments. A homeowner could also prepare the site by placing tarps over designated areas or marking them with flags.

The safety of children and pets is another consideration. The contractors working up on the roof might not have a clear view of the ground around the house.

The expert roofers at Hustad Companies of Madison can assist you with any questions regarding windows or siding.

During roof work, homeowners should make sure children understand to stay away from the outside of the house. A falling slab of tar paper or a dropped tool could inflict serious injury. Pets also need to be kept indoors during the work.

Although roofing work takes place outside, it could pose some hazards to the interior of the home. A significant amount of vibration could occur as the contractors walk across the roof, drive nails and set down boards or heavy packages of material. Fragile items on shelves should be set in safe places to avoid being shaken onto the floor and breaking. The noise of roof work also typically starts early in the morning. Residents might need to get to bed early during the duration of the job to avoid sleep loss.

A professional contractor will be receptive to a client's concerns about safety and take conscientious steps to avoid causing damage. If something does get broken or ruined, the roofing company will typically pay for the damage. Because accidents do happen, a homeowner should be careful to make sure that the contractor has appropriate insurance and is a bonded service provider.

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