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If the roof of a house is starting show signs of mildew and mold, it may be time to hire a Madison roofing contractor for a replacement. Many homeowners are unaware of the mold and mildew growing on their roofs until the problem gets out of control. Mold and mildew can infiltrate the roof at different points and they are not always readily apparent to the untrained eye.

One of the best ways to prevent mold and mildew growth on roofs is to keep debris off of the roof surface. This is because leaves and other dried materials can retain water after rain and snowfall events and allow for the growth of algae and fungi. Since asphalt shingles are made of mostly organic materials, these organisms will feed on the shingles themselves and start to break down the structures that make the shingle waterproof. There are a number of chemical cleaners available on the market to manage algae and fungal growths. These types of growth can generally be identified by black or green streaks that run down the roof.

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Be aware that once a roof has been cleared of algae and debris, it is possible that the shingle substrate may be exposed and will need immediate repair.

Another big source of mold and mildew growth is from overfilled gutters. Once a gutter is blocked, and water is not able to flow away from the house, it will build up along the edge of the roof and push its way under the drip edges and underlayment. This is a big problem because the mold and mildew will start to feed on the wood decking beneath the shingles and make its way into the attic. This type of growth is not visible from the exterior of the house until it causes large sections of discoloration and sunken sections of roofing. Unfortunately, since most homes' ventilation systems run through the attic, the homeowner will be directly exposed to mold spores and mildew being distributed through their air. This can be very dangerous for people who suffer from asthma or allergies.

If there appear to be large sections of discolored shingles on the roof, or excessive amounts of leaves, pine needles, twigs or dirt, it is time to do some basic roof maintenance. Signs of excessive damage should warrant a call to a roofing professional who can inspect the damaged areas and recommend a course of action for repair or replacement.

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