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When a roof begins to sag, it is likely that there is an issue requiring attention. The roof could end up collapsing if the problem is not mitigated, and fixing the issue will cost the homeowner. A Madison roofing specialist may assist by determining the cause and how best to go about making the fixes. There are three main reasons that a roof may begin to sag: the roof materials that were installed were faulty, the roof sustained major water damage, or there is too much weight on the roof.

While all roofing materials only have a certain lifespan, that lifespan can be significantly reduced if the materials are not properly installed. In some cases, the ceiling joists may pull away from the rafters, causing outer roof materials to sag. In other cases, the shingles may not have been installed in a straight line. One way to determine if the problem is related to the roof structure or if it lies in the outer roof material is to look at the shingles. If the roof is sagging but the shingles still appear to be in straight parallel lines, it is likely that the roof structure was bowing before the shingles were installed. If the shingles are warped, the shingles are to blame, or the sagging occurred after the shingles were replaced.

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Water damage is a major cause of sagging. Moisture can cause the roof materials to weaken and sink inward; if left unfixed, the roof could ultimately deteriorate to the point of collapsing. If homeowners notice signs of water damage, which can include ceiling leaks or stains and a musty smell, it is recommended that they hire a professional who can remedy the problem before an entirely new roof is needed.

During the winter, snowfall and ice can build up on the roof and cause the materials to sag. Roofs are designed to handle up to a specific amount of weight for a certain amount of time, so homeowners should not worry if the extra weight is temporary. However, if the snow and ice is left to sit, damage could be caused to the shingles as the snow melts, or sagging may occur if the weight accumulates past what the roof can hold.

Whenever homeowners see signs that their roof may be sagging, they should not hesitate to consult a professional roofer. The roofer may determine what the cause of the roof issues are and come up with a solution that works for the homeowner and for the roof.

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