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Madison Roofing: Article About Keeping The Roof Clean Improves Lifespan

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Setting up regular roof inspections and cleanings with a professional roofing company can help lengthen a roof's life. Not only can repairs be caught early, but matters like mold or bird droppings can be eliminated before they damage the shingles. Inspections can also catch leaves and objects that have fallen into the roof valleys and gutters. If neglected, piles of leaves and twigs can cause water to overshoot the gutters or soak up so much moisture that the dampness wears a hole in the shingles and the roof starts leaking.

Keeping the roof clean and free from leaves, mold, dirt, twigs and other debris enables the roof to protect the house from the onslaught of winter. However, it's also a good idea for homeowners to pull out their insurance policy and roof warranty ahead of time and carefully read through the terms to learn what maintenance steps are required to keep the policies valid during the harsher months.

While some homeowners prefer to inspect and clean the roof themselves, most homeowners are not capable. Climbing on ladders or walking on the roof takes special training.

The expert roofers at Hustad Companies of Madison can assist you with any questions regarding residential roofing or siding.

Hiring one of the Madison roofing contractors in the area to inspect and clean the roof will keep homeowners safe and get the job done efficiently, as well as correctly. Sweeping off leaves and sticks might appear to be a simple task, but roof and gutter maintenance can be tricky.

For example, algae or mold growing on the roof or inside the gutter needs to be scrubbed thoroughly. Once clean, preventative measures need to be taken to avoid the situation in the future. Tree branches that hang out over the roof or gutter need to be trimmed back to prevent the limbs from breaking off during a violent storm and damaging the roof. Bird droppings also need to be eliminated from the roof before their acidity harms the shingles.

Bird nests might appear benign, especially if they are tucked away in a valley or underneath the eaves, but they can also block the way the roof or gutters drain. When the roof and gutters don't drain correctly, water can back up over the roof edge. Wet shingles will lead to leaks in the attic and moldy insulation. If the chimney isn't capped properly, nests inside the structure can start a fire or cause toxic gases to back up inside the home. By keeping the roof clean and inspected, homeowners can prevent roofing issues from becoming serious and more costly later on.

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