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Historic Home Preservationists are reporting that many homeowners are buying into the lie that old, original windows are untrustworthy and are no longer beneficial for homes today. Advertisers also contrast new products with old foggy wood windows to show the benefits of buying replacement units. Based on those reports, property owners feel forced to install top of the line replacement windows.

However, the comparisons describe only windows that are unmaintained and never restored. Restoration experts state that in most circumstances, when accompanied with a storm window, a fully repaired wood sash has the same insulating power as a double glazed replacement window. Homeowners can rely on old wood windows since they originated from high quality workmanship and old growth lumber.

Nonetheless, manufacturers are correct that not all historic windows are worth saving. If the window displays extensive decay or components are absent, then there is a need for a replacement window. Furthermore, not unlike any other organic product on the market, exposed wood will decay after years of harsh weather and excessive sunlight. Still, the key to retaining the original windows is maintenance.

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Therefore, when speaking with a Madison roofing professional about an inspection, also ask about maintaining the wood windows. A general maintenance service will include removing old paint, repairing broken glass, and replacing the glazing compound, amongst other repairs.

On the other hand, the lack of maintenance needed for replacement windows is the crux of the manufacturer's argument. However, replacement windows require less maintenance because their short lifespan will call for a new unit within 20 years, whereas old windows outlast the newer versions by 100 years.

Homeowners desiring to keep their original windows will find that the cost often determines the decision. The main draw to replacement is reducing the monthly heating bill. Research shows that only 10 to 20 percent of heat loss comes from windows. The majority of heat loss stems from roofs, gaps in the facade, and poor wall insulation.

Depending on the location, replacement windows will run roughly $500 to $1,000 each. However, a restored existing window (with an added storm window, if needed) will cost between $125 to $800, depending on materials and the rate quoted by the carpenter. Furthermore, the energy savings on the utility bills will take approximately 40 or more years to recuperate the costs of replacement windows. Thus, refurbishing a window is worth serious contemplation when bearing in mind all things.

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