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The roof may be used to protect the home and prevent the outside elements from getting in, but it also influences how much energy is used on the property for its heating and cooling costs. Many homeowners have to deal with high energy bills each month because their HVAC system is in high gear for many hours a day. To improve energy efficiency, there are a few things to consider talking about with a Madison roofing expert.

The solar reflectance of a roofing structure greatly influences how much the homeowners will turn on the air conditioning in the home. Painting the roof with a coat or two of white paint can prevent as much heat from being drawn to the structure. A cool coat can also be applied to the roofing material, which will add a protective layer on the building to reduce heat absorption. During the summer months, this can easily save lots of money on energy.

For residents who are planning on living on the property for several decades, metal materials can be installed on the roof deck. Slate and clay tiles are other reflective materials that won't hold in heat as easily. The materials will maintain their quality and appearance without deteriorating from too much exposure to the sun.

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The attic of the home also influences the temperature of the roof because it sits directly underneath the roof. It's crucial that vents and fans are installed and in use in the attic to allow the air to circulate. If air is continuously moved around in the attic, the space won't become too hot and lead to overheating of the roofing materials. This will also help to keep the interior of the building at a moderate temperature.

In the summer, a professional misting system can be installed on the roof by a roofer to wet the top of the building when it becomes too warm. This is an easy way to control the energy usage on the property by periodically cooling off the roof during the day. The misting system works by monitoring the temperature on the shingles or tiles and releasing moisture.

Another way to make the roof more energy-efficient is to insulate from below. This requires that extra insulation be added to the roof by using foam insulation. Radiant barriers can also be used under the roof to block off extra heat that makes its way through the structure.

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