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The asphalt shingle may be known as the most commonly used type of roofing shingle, but there are many different types of roofing materials in use around the world. The world's first roofs were made of natural materials such as plants, earth, stone and wood. Though some of these materials may not be as practical or weatherproof as modern Madison Roofing materials, they are all a part of the history of the evolution of the modern roof. Many of these materials do continue to have a place in roofing or have evolved to provide a practical alternative to their historical roots.

Sod or garden roofs may be considered very unusual and unique, but this traditional roof from rural Scandinavia is also practical and durable. Requiring a strong structure to hold the weight of the earth and plant material, a sod roof provides a solid layer of insulation to the building it protects. Modern versions of sod roofs may include colorful gardens or other intriguing foliage. Sod and garden roofs have made a bit of a comeback in recent years as a way to make good use of previously empty roof spaces while also providing beauty and insulation.

Thatch roofs are made from dry straw, reeds or palms.

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This ancient roofing method is very practical in making use of available materials in the environment. Though the risk of fire hazard is high, the simple, rustic look can be very appealing in a rural country setting. Though many thatched roofs have been in existence for years, the lifespan of the material is quite short; the organic material will eventually break down into compost. Ongoing maintenance and the addition of new material is required to keep the thatched roof in top shape.

Adobe clay has been used throughout history all over the world for walls, bricks, floors and roofs. Little more than dried earth, adobe is a very practical building material; it is strong, insulating, fireproof and easily available. Dried clay has been modernized as fired clay, with roof tiles of many shapes, sizes and practical applications. Clay roofing tile continues to be a widely available roofing material for both home and commercial use.

The first composite roofing was made of fabric and tar, and it proved to work very well as a roofing material. Sand or fine gravel was added, and roll roofing was eventually cut into shingles to become the asphalt shingles generally used today. Once the composite shingle was developed, manmade roofing materials became commercially available. The variety of types, color and sizes increased dramatically leading us to today's huge selection of beautiful, practical, high quality roofing materials.

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