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Many homeowners often forget to clean their home's gutters. Madison roofing contractors know that the gutters are essential to directing water away from the foundation of the home. Cleaning the gutters is a vital task, therefore, that should be performed at least two times during the year and more often if the home is surrounded by trees. If a gutter becomes clogged, the excess water that pools and backs up can cause extensive damage to the home's landscaping and foundation. In addition, the increase in weight of a waterlogged gutter can pull the gutters loose, which will result in rot behind the fascia or the trim.

If a homeowner doesn't clean out the gutters before winter, there's a chance that ice dams will form. Ice will fill up the gutter and will then freeze up to the roof's slope. The ice will then coalesce between the various layers of the home's roofing system, backing up water in the process. Then, the heat from the house will allow the ice to melt. The pools of water that result will seep under the roof's shingles and into the house.

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The standard way to clean the gutters involves using a ladder, a hose, gloves, garbage bag and a trowel or scoop to pick up the debris from the gutters. Usually, experts suggest that the gutters be cleaned in May and again in October. It can be hazardous to clean gutters, so make sure someone who is capable of cleaning the gutters does the job. A homeowner should not be afraid to ask for professional help if they can't do it themselves.

When a homeowner is cleaning the gutters, they need to be very careful. They should be wearing gloves to handle the debris in the gutter. They should also make sure the ladder is secure beneath them. It doesn't hurt to ask a friend or family member to hold onto the ladder. Another option, if a homeowner can't find help, is to use a ladder stabilizer. This will help prevent dents to the gutters and damage to the home's siding.

Homeowners who want to clean their gutters should begin at the downspout. A homeowner can remove the debris with the trowel or scoop and dump it into the garbage bag. To get smaller materials out of the gutters, the homeowner can then flush the gutter with a hose, starting at the end opposite of the downspout. This should take care of cleaning out the remaining leaves and debris in the gutter.

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