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Your roof takes a great deal of abuse during winter, and winterizing it ensures that it withstands the season without compromising performance or longevity. A roof that leaks or lets cold air in during winter is a bad situation, and Madison roofing companies warn that much of the damage they fix during the cold months could have been avoided or at least mitigated with a seasonal inspection.

An autumn inspection is something you can do yourself if your roof is in generally good condition and has been inspected by a professional in the last several years or so. If you have never had a roofer inspect your roof or have gone a long time without one, then this is a perfect time to call in the pros.

Pre-winter roof inspections should start with the attic. The rafters and sheathing are an important part of your roof, and they can be quite telling if they're showing signs of moisture. If you've recently had substantial work done in the attic, such as the installation of HVAC equipment or lighting, this is a good time to have your attic sealed. Good attic ventilation is important for avoiding ice dams, and sealing will help ensure you have no attic bypasses.

The roofing experts at Hustad Companies of Madison WI can assist you with any questions regarding siding or windows.

You'll also want to check all vents to ensure they're free of obstruction.

Walk around the perimeter of your home, looking for shingles that are missing, torn, curled or otherwise misaligned. Pay attention to flashing. Look for rust, missing flashing and sealant that's withered, curled up or gone entirely. If you've had your chimney cleaned, pay special attention to the flashing curtain at its base. Any damage you discover should be repaired before winter arrives.

As you're walking around inspecting your roof, also pay attention to any organic debris that's collected on the roof as well as overhanging branches. Leaves, pine needles and similar matter can collect at corners and flat sections of the roof and should be removed because they provide a place for moisture to collect. If tree branches extend over the roof, hire a professional to cut them back several feet so that falling branches can't cause roof damage.

Finally, clean your gutters and downspouts or hire a professional to clean them. The goal here is to ensure that any rain or melting snow or ice can drain off the roof as fast as possible and without any splash back onto the fascia board and edge shingles. If you have many trees in the area, gutter guards can be a good investment to ensure adequate flow throughout the year.

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