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While people don't usually buy a house just for the windows, these fixtures can be a great selling point. Windows, in addition to providing needed ventilation and air flow, can also add beauty and style to a home. Madison roofing professionals may be known for their roofing work, but they are also expert window installers. They can not only help homeowners understand how fixed windows contribute to a home's outer beauty, they can also help them realize which windows work best with their roof style and other exterior aspects of the home.

Fixed windows are also referred to as fixed frame windows. With a solid frame and solid window pane, they are inoperable, meaning they do not open. Fixed windows come in a variety of shapes, and while they can be made in any size, they are typically larger than regular windows. Styles in the fixed category include bay, bow, picture, glass block and radius.

Bay windows are curved, include three glass panes and extend past the wall of the house. The middle pane does not open and is larger than the two side panes, which are capable of opening. Because the side panels open, bay windows are partially fixed. Bow windows also protrude from the exterior walls and include at least four windowpanes, which can be designed as fixed or operational.

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Picture windows function to give homeowners unobstructed views.

Glass block windows are made of a series of small square panes, which combine to form one window. Blocks allow natural light inside but are designed to prevent a clear view, meaning homeowners have privacy. Radius windows are shaped in a half circle. Through mulling, they are often added to a regular window to create a unique architectural design.

In addition to clear, unobstructed views, fixed frame windows usually cost less than traditional windows. Since they do not open, they are harder to get into, which means they are safer from intrusion. Fixed windows are often energy efficient, but should be placed where ventilation is already provided.

Sometimes, new windows are necessary because the old ones are damaged or don't work properly. Sometimes new windows are a way to improve the look of a house. Either way, homeowners want a qualified installer who offers dependable and satisfactory work that lasts. A professional roofing company with many years of installation experience in roofing, windows and other home improvement projects can ensure that homeowners get the maximum service life out of their windows.

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