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In these days of rising energy costs, building owners are looking for energy efficient roofs. Options depend on whether they're installing a new roof on a new building, replacing a roof on an existing building or adding to the energy efficiency of an installed roof. Madison roofing professionals can help homeowners prepare for a roof construction project, and they can also help owners determine the best way to reduce the energy costs of old roofs.

Energy efficient roofs, called cool roofs by many, have numerous benefits. In a particular building, a cool roof keeps the interior cooler by reflecting the sun's rays. This makes it more comfortable for the occupants if the building is not air conditioned. If it is air conditioned, the equipment doesn't have to work as hard to cool the building, thereby reducing energy costs.

Because sunshine deteriorates roofing materials, the way energy efficient roofs reflect harmful sunlight back into the atmosphere increases the life of the roof. It can also significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs. The longer life is also helpful to the environment because many roofs are not constructed from recyclable materials.

The top surface of the roof determines whether it's a cool roof. That surface must be reflective. To earn the Energy Star® designation and meet Cool Roof Rating Council® standards, the surface must reflect at least 70 percent of the sun's rays.

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A common way to create an energy efficient roof is to apply a white coating or a coating that contains reflective pigments. Special sheeting or reflective spray foam may also be used. The glaze on many kinds of tiles will often reflect significant amounts of sunshine, so these types usually don't require an additional coating.

Although an energy efficient roof will save money on cooling costs, building owners need to look at the installation cost as well. Generally speaking, a new roof that's energy efficient is not more expensive than any other roof. Retrofitting an existing roof that's in good condition can sometimes cost more than the potential energy savings. Cost factors include the existing roofing materials, the steepness of the roof and whether a specialized coating is required.

Certain climate conditions can work against the benefits of a cool roof. In fact, energy costs may actually increase in cold climates because the roof isn't absorbing any heat from the sun. The greatest energy efficiency is in hot climates, unless it's also wet. Moisture and warmth can lead to the growth of algae or moss, which can be expensive to remove.

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