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Animals such as raccoons, squirrels, rats and mice can chew up a roof and make a nest in an attic. The bad news is this sort of damage is not usually covered by homeowner's insurance.

When animals have invaded a Madison home's attic, they can cause many serious problems. Sometimes, homeowners don't realize there are animals nesting in their attics. Having a Madison roofing contractor perform seasonal or yearly inspections can ensure a home's attic and roof are free of pests and the damage they cause.

Squirrels are the most common culprits of roof damage. These small mammals like to chew and gnaw on wood. They will open up holes in the soffit and fascia, and they can destroy shingles and underlayment. Squirrels will also chew up electrical wiring inside an attic, stripping the wires of the protective insulation and creating a fire hazard in the process.

In addition, squirrels will build nests in the attic, and their collective feces and urine can create a health hazard. Also, these animals will make quite a bit of noise, as they have a habit of running back and forth across the attic space.

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They can also chew the tops off of roof vents, making the home's insulation less efficient.

Like squirrels, raccoons will also chew through the soffit or fascia boards to gain access to attic space. Because they are larger animals, they are capable of much more damage than squirrels are. Raccoons will chew directly through the roof, ripping away the shingles and destroying sections of the roof decking.

Once inside the house, raccoons will shred and rip up anything they can find in the attic, such as insulation, ductwork and electrical wiring. They will also nest inside the attic, creating a health hazard for humans.

A homeowner can do several things to discourage animals from destroying the roof and attic. First, eliminate any food source, such as open garbage cans, compost piles or readily available bird seed. Keep garbage cans well covered with strong lids and compost covered with a layer of leaves, straw or even soil. If feeding birds is a homeowner's hobby, purchase a feeder that deters squirrels.

Another strategy is to trim back any trees or large tree limbs that allow animals to climb up and jump onto a home's roof. If animals don't have easy access to a roof, they will look elsewhere for a place to build their nests.

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