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It is important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to metal roofing. Many homeowners believe certain facts about common materials used for roofing, such as wood or metal. Not all popular information is true, though, even the parts that seem to make logical sense. If you are thinking about having a metal roof installed, consider consulting Madison roofing professionals about some of the most common roofing myths.

One of the best known myths about metal is that it attracts lightning easily. While this is somewhat true, owning a metal roof will not put homeowners at risk during a thunderstorm. Lightning bolts are mainly attracted to metal poles, trees and other objects that stick out, but not flat surfaces like roofs. In fact, metal is a non flammable material, so it will not catch fire easily.

Another myth is that a metal roof makes pitter pattering sounds when it rains. When some people think of a metal roof, they think of an old, thin, cheap piece of metal attached to the top of a barn. The reality is, however, that raindrops are never heard on the modern roof of a home. A typical metal roof has a solid base, such as plywood, and a coating that makes the surface smooth. During a thunderstorm, the roof does not make more noise than any other type of roof.

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Those who think metal roofs will amplify the peaceful sound of raindrops and help them fall asleep quickly will certainly be disappointed. In order for a metal roof to be noisy, sheets of metal have to be installed over open rafters so that they can reverberate and make sound when it rains. Nowadays, metal shingles are attached tightly to the existing wood roof deck, hence reducing the ability of the roof to make sound.

Some people fear that metal roofs are weak and likely to collect dents. However, a metal is capable of enduring years of wear and tear without acquiring so much as a scratch or crack. From hail to wild tree branches, metal is strong enough to resist any form of damage, which includes hurricane winds over 100mph. However, a roof with shingles is likely to lose all of them during a powerful hurricane.

A sophisticated metal roofing system is not built like a tin can. Metal roofs are surprisingly sturdy structure that can be walked on and withstand considerable damage. If you plan to walk on the roof, the main concern should be taking careful steps because metal surfaces are slippery and offer little traction.

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