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Selecting a color for a new roof can be tricky for some homeowners while others may have an easier time deciding or will want to stick with their original roof color. Whatever color the homeowner chooses, it is important that they know these tips to help make the decision easier and to help them choose the right color for their home. The color of a roof can increase curb appeal, as well as increase the home's overall value.

First, homeowners should feel free to ask their Madison roofing professional for their color advice and opinions. It is likely that the roofer has seen hundreds, if not thousands, of color combinations with roofs and has developed an eye for which are good color mixes and which ones are not. Most roofers are happy to provide some advice in this area. A homeowner can also inquire about colors with a designer or even a realtor.

Before getting too far in the color selection process, the homeowner will want to check with their neighborhood association, if one exists. Many associations have rules about making changes to the exterior of a home, including the roof.

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They may have a preselected list of colors to choose from or a list of colors that are not permitted. They may also require approval of the new roofing type and color. Failure to follow the rules of the association when it comes to a roof can be time consuming and costly.

Driving around the neighborhood or the town can help homeowners get some ideas for the color of their new roof, or even color combinations they want to avoid. They may want to take pictures or notes to share with their contractor.

There are some computer programs and digital apps that allow a picture of a home to be uploaded and will show the homeowner what the home would look like with various colors of shingles. Homeowners can ask their roofing contractor about these programs. For homeowners who have a hard time visualizing their roof in another color, these can be a great tool.

When the homeowner has narrowed down their color choices, they should ask their roofing contractor for shingle samples in those colors. The samples should be viewed in different amounts of light against any color that already exists on the home, such as the brick, stucco, doors and gutters. This can help the homeowner settle on one color over another.

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