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Madison Roofing: Article About Cold Climate Roofing and Retaining Heat

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In northern regions of the U.S., extreme winter weather is one of the biggest concerns when deciding on roofing design and materials. The potential for ice dams, cold drafts, burst pipes and even slippery walkways can be addressed with the right roof construction. Here are a few ideas Madison roofing contractors will suggest.

Don't make the roof design complicated. In this case, more peaks and valleys leave more places for debris, snow and ice to accumulate and cause damage. A modest gable roof sheds snow and is durable and strong.

Openings in the roof for skylights, chimneys and dormers are a further complication. Install these items sparingly and with full knowledge of the risks beforehand. Pay attention to proper adhesion and flashing around these features, which are prone to cracking and heat loss. Vent pipes and chimneys should be installed near the roof's ridge to avoid snow accumulation.

Metal roofs are among the toughest and most resilient types of roofing systems and can shed snow easily. Asphalt would be the next best choice because asphalt shingles hold up in severe weather and are less expensive. Wood or slate shingles would be much more costly to repair, on the other hand.

Larger eaves on the roof provide an overhang and shelter for entrances and paths near the home.

The roofing contractors at Hustad Companies of Madison can assist you with any questions regarding residential roofing or siding.

The addition of covered porches and breezeways can reduce snow buildup on the roof and icy routes to the front door.

A homeowner can utilize the sun's energy via the installation of active solar panels on the roof. Solar panel installation can be done whenever the homeowner wants a roof replacement. There will be an additional warranty for the solar panels along with the roofing material warranties. When installed properly, it can warm the home using a solar radiant heat system in baseboard heaters and floors. This system usually functions with the use of a storage tank full of superheated liquid.

Solar radiant heat could help with stack effect. This term describes the cooling processes that contribute to cold drafty wintertime rooms. The temperature inside the house becomes hard to regulate when warm air rises inside the house while cold air outside is being forced into the home from the basement.

A roof is the right size, sealed well, efficient and reliable in cold weather can serve homeowners for many years. A reliable contractor in Wisconsin has the experience to find the right solution for the home.

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