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Gutters are constructed from a variety of different materials, but only two different shapes are typically installed; the K style and half round. K style gutters have a larger capacity than half round gutters. They have flat backing and a stylish front that resembles crown molding. Half round gutters are less common and sometimes found on homes with older architecture. Instead of sides, they consist of a half circle shape. K style gutters are usually more expensive than half round gutters.

As for materials, gutters are made from wood, vinyl, or metal. Wood gutters offer traditional appeal and charm, and they're primary function is to direct water away from the home. Cedar wood should be used because this type of wood is naturally resistant to decay and can withstand moisture well. To match exterior cornices, gutters may feature crown molding.

Madison roofing professionals also install vinyl. Vinyl gutters usually contain polyvinyl chloride for added durability. These gutters resist damage and denting well, and if damage does occur, the damaged portion is easy to replace. Due to the dyed materials found in vinyl gutters, these structures are resistant to scratching and gouging.

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The user friendly price tag of vinyl gutters makes them a popular choice among homeowners, but they also have drawbacks. The polyvinyl chloride they contain may leach harmful chemicals into rainwater, and these gutters also aren't biodegradable, meaning they aren't environmentally friendly. Cracking and splitting is also more likely to occur in vinyl gutters due to the thin materials they contain. Exposure to extremely cold temperatures increases the likelihood that these gutters will experience damage.

Common metals used in metal gutters are galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, and zinc. Aluminum gutters come in seamless and regular varieties. They're lightweight and widely used, but these gutters do require painting. Paint helps the aluminum withstand harsh weather, and it also prevents harmful chemicals from leaching into the environment.

Galvanized steel gutters have more strength and durability than aluminum, and they look great for many years. However, they require paint to thwart off rust and prevent zinc from leaching into rainwater.

Copper gutters are pricey and are usually found in high end residences. These gutters offer the most aesthetic appeal, and they develop a protective patina over time. However, copper gutters require professional installation because welding is necessary.

Like copper gutters, zinc gutters are expensive and require professional installation. They are highly durable and offer a long lifespan. Because of the patina they develop, they don't need to be painted.

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