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At some point in time, every homeowner will likely need to have a replacement roof installed. There are many options for homeowners to choose from when it comes to roofing materials. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks. Homeowners should do their research to decide which shingle type is right for their budget and the needs of their home. They should also keep in mind that shingle type can affect the resale value of the home. In order to make the best choice in roofing materials, homeowners should also discuss their options with their Madison roofing professional.

Clay tiles are a popular roofing option in the state of Florida, as well as in the West and in the Southwest. Clay tiles are known for lasting a long time, however, they can be very heavy. It is vital that the home have rafters wide enough to withstand the weight of the clay tiles. These tiles can be expensive and need to be installed by a professional. Although they last a long time, these tiles can be cost prohibitive for some homeowners. On average, clay tile can run around $500 per square.

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Cedar shingles or shakes are commonly found on homes in the Northeast and the Northwest. If well cared for, most cedar shingles will last as much as 40 or 50 years before they need to be replaced. Cedar shakes are more rustic looking and thicker while cedar shingles are thinner, smoother, and they are created with a fine taper. Cedar shakes and shingles are slightly more affordable at about $400 per square, including installation.

Steel panel roofing is another common choice for roofs in the United States. The steel used is actually a zinc tin alloy plated with steel and referred to as terne. They can also be coated with a high tech paint system. Better grade steel roofing will last for many decades, possibly even a century. Although they can be well worth the investment, steel roofing can run around $400 or $500 per square.

Finally, asphalt shingles are the most commonly used across the country. They are used in approximately 80 percent of American homes. These shingles are cost effective and durable. Homeowners appreciate their value and the many options they offer in color and texture choices. Asphalt shingles can last as many as 20 or 30 years if the roof is well maintained. In addition, these shingles can be installed in just a few days. They are easy to install and replace.

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