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No matter what kind of roof a homeowner has, proper care and maintenance are vital. Without taking care of the roof, its lifespan can be shortened significantly, increasing the cost to the homeowner. A poorly cared for roof can also cause damage to other areas of the home or even lead to mold in the home. Madison roofing professionals are here to help homeowners provide the right care to their roofs. Here is how homeowners should properly maintain their cedar shake roofs.

Cedar shake roofs are one of the oldest roofing materials there are. Made from redwood, wood shakes and shingles provide good insulation to a home and can now be coated with a sealant that is fire resistant. In the past, this roofing material was used in conjunction with lathing strips to space them out in order to help them dry quickly and remain dry. This prevents the growth of mold, fungi, moss, mildew, lichen and other infestations. This allowed these roofs to last for several generations.

However, lathing strips are no longer used with wood roofing materials. In its place is roof felt, a type of underlayment. While this underlayment works well with many other roofing materials, it does not allow wood shakes and shingles to dry out as they should, predisposing them to infestations.

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In addition, wood shingles can become compromised and rot due to not drying out. Thus, if a homeowner wants to get as many years as they can out of their wood roof, they will need to give it proper care.

For most wood roofs, a cleaning is required at least every decade or a few years sooner. If a homeowner goes 10 years without properly cleaning their roof, they will likely notice growths of mold, mildew, lichen and other infestations. Once these growths are cleaned and the wood is allowed to breath, a roof likely has the potential to last several more years, though a good cleaning is recommended every six to eight years.

In addition to thorough cleanings, homeowners should inspect their roofs for debris, such as leaves, twigs and pine needles. The debris can add to infestation problems and also mechanically damage the roof. If homeowners notice any missing shingles, they should call their roofing professional for an inspection as soon as possible. Even a small area of a roof that is compromised can lead to trouble for the entire roofing structure and even the home.

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