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Homes located in areas that receive excessive amounts of snow need roofs that can stand up to harsh weather. Both the style of the roof and the type of material used to cover it can help mitigate the damage that snow can cause. Homeowners who are planning to install a new roof can talk with a certified Madison roofing professional to learn about the best options for their home, but there are some basics that can help property owners get a general overview of the best roofing styles for harsh weather.

A simple gable roof is often the best choice for regions that have significant snowfall. Because gabled roofs have a steep pitch, they allow accumulated snow to slide off the roof. For effective snow removal, the pitch should be at least 4:12; that is a 4 inch change in incline for every foot of roof width. Roofs with dormers and other architectural features allow the snow to build up, potentially causing leaks or other damage. Shed style dormers are preferable to gabled dormers if those features are desired.

Minimizing the number of intrusions into the roof is also helpful. Anywhere a ventilation duct or chimney extends above the roof decking is a potential spot for snow or ice buildup. Placing those elements near the roof line can minimize this effect.

Some roofing materials are better for winter climates as well.

The roofing experts at Hustad Companies of Madison WI can assist you with any questions regarding windows or commercial roofing.

Metal is one of the best choices for several reasons. Metal is light weight and does not add to the weight of a heavy snow load on the roof decking. Additionally, metal panels allow the snow to creep off the roof, rather than build up and potentially drop a huge load of snow on the landscaping or unsuspecting people standing below. Metal also restricts the buildup of ice damns which can cause significant injury to both property and people.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing choice in America, and it does have some merits for snowy climates. It does a fair job of withstanding high winds. Asphalt is a lot less costly than metal, but it has a much shorter life span, particularly if the area receives a lot of sunlight, as well as a lot of snow. Asphalt is heavier than metal and will also allow snow to accumulate more readily, thus ice damns can be more of a problem with asphalt roofing.

Either choice can work well for homeowners who live in snowy climates, but the increased cost of metal does come with a life span of 50 years or more. A good asphalt roof may only be expected to last about 20 years or less in extreme weather.

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