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Synthetic slate is being hailed by many as a modern improvement upon a classic luxury roofing material. By choosing synthetic slate shingles, a homeowner can achieve the long life and beauty associated with authentic slate without the exorbitant cost. A Madison roofing contractor can professionally install synthetic slate and advise a homeowner about its care and maintenance.

Synthetic slate is not actually slate at all or even any kind of stone. Instead, synthetic slate shingles are petroleum based. They are formed by injecting a mixture of rubber, plastic and a few other materials into metal forms. The forms are cast from actual slate shingles, so the synthetics have the same overall shape and texture. This rubberized material is durable and recyclable and it performs better than either asphalt or slate shingles in a variety of ways.

When compared to actual slate, synthetic slate is lighter and easier to transport and install. They are only about one quarter as heavy as slate. They cannot be chipped or cracked during installation, and they can be cut with a utility knife and nailed into place using standard methods, rather than the delicate methods required of real slate.

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Since they are lighter, they can be mounted on roof structures that may not be able to accommodate the incredible weight of actual slate. Most buildings with authentic slate must be specially designed for slate or be reinforced during installation. The synthetic slate also has exceptionally high impact resistance, meaning it can take severe weather, storms and walking without breaking or cracking.

Although authentic slate is rightfully touted as being one of the longest lasting of all roof materials, synthetic slate is a close second. Most synthetic slate shingles have 50 year warranties, much higher than the 15 to 30 year warranties on other materials. They still fall behind slate, which should last 100 years or longer, but they are a better value.

Ultraviolet degradation is one of the disadvantages of asphalt shingles, plastics and petroleum products in general. It causes the roof to slowly become brittle and breakdown, especially in very sunny climates. Synthetic slate combats this problem in two ways. First, it contains UV inhibitors to block most of the damage. Second, the shingles are much thicker and hardier than asphalt to begin with, so the minor amount of degradation that does occur will not result in critical failure.

If a homeowner is unsure about the costs of installing an authentic slate roof, but still wishes to have the unrivaled beauty of slate on their home, synthetic slate may be the perfect alternative.

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